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GospelAlive, Incorporated is a Michigan-based 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1984 by Dale Peterson, with a two-fold purpose—global evangelism and  discipleship—all in partnership with local churches.  The corporation was organized and continues for exclusively religious, educational, and charitable purposes, specifically to promote missionary interests, activity and evangelism consistent with biblical principles and propagating the Christian faith by establishing a world-wide network of missionary services and activities. <read more>

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leave a well in the valley

All of us face trials in our lives, physical and spiritual. It's not what happens in your life that measures who you are, it's how your respond. This book will encourage you and show you how it is possible to an individual to live through difficult times with great integrity and use the lessons God has taught to refresh others.

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Ministry for Dale began in Washington Township, MI and has taken him to each of the 50-states...

Dale Peterson

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a tribute to justin...
Justin Dale Peterson

Justin Dale Peterson,
US Marine Corps, Iraq

Sept. 30, 1974 ~ Oct. 1, 2006

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